300th Avenue Culvert Replacement Wetland Delineation, King County WA

Raedeke Associates was retained by The Wild Fish Conservancy to complete a wetland delineation and report for a proposed culvert replacement project in unincorporated King County. The project site, located along 300th Avenue NE, consisted of approximately 1,000 feet of roadway alignment. Raedeke wetland scientists investigated this area and identified all wetlands present using the protocols outlined in the COE (1987) wetland delineation manual and COE (2010) regional supplement.  Wetlands were rated using the Washington Department of Ecology wetland rating system for Western Washington.  A report was prepared to meet King County code requirements for wetland reporting and also outlined all regulatory considerations for state and federal agencies that may be associated with any impacts to the identified wetlands.

Raedeke Associates continues to be a leader in providing efficient and unbiased wetland delineations for our clients. Our protocols and reporting standards are updated regularly to keep up with the ever-changing framework of regulations associated with wetlands.