Bioretention Performance Research Being Performed in Western Washington

Bill Taylor

The Department of Ecology and local municipal NPDES stormwater permittees are funding a research study into the hydrologic performance of constructed bioretention facilities. The research project has selected ten bioretention facilities (engineered rain gardens) to be fitted with flow monitoring instrumentation, with the intent to measure how much of the inflowing stormwater is infiltrated below ground.
The work is being conducted to evaluate how well engineers’ design plans are meeting actual performance, and will provide feedback to the Department of Ecology, design engineers, and local jurisdictions for improvements to the design of future bioretention facilities.
Raedeke Associates is part of the research team, and will be assessing the vegetation community’s contribution to infiltration in the bioretention facilities. Together with our partners Clear Creek Solutions, Associated Earth Sciences, Inc., and Cardno-GS, the monitoring of the facilities will commence soon in 2016, and continue for six months to a year.

Our staff members Bill Taylor (overall project lead investigator), Anne Cline (landscape architect) and Chris Wright (wetland specialist) are available to work with our clients to bring the latest bioretention design approaches to your projects.