Bremerton National Airport Wildlife Hazard Assessment

Raedeke Associates wildlife biologists, under FAA direction and in conjunction with Mead & Hunt biologists completed a wildlife hazard assessment and wildlife hazard management plan for the airport.  Biologists from Raedeke conducted bird censuses twice-monthly for one year and monitored wildlife remotely with the use of a game camera.  We also trapped small mammals and nightlighted for large mammals on the airport property and surrounding critical habitats.  A Wildlife Hazard Assessment report was prepared and accepted by the FAA.  This report highlighted the major species groups of birds and mammals commonly seen in the area and ranks their abundance and locations as far as hazard potential to aircraft using the airport.  Under recommendation from the FAA, a Wildlife Hazard Management Plan was also prepared in close cooperation with the airport director.  This plan highlighted the actions needed to keep problem wildlife away from the runways, taxiways, and flight pathways sin and around the airport.