Compensatory Wetland Mitigation Monitoring Requirements

In November 2006, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (COE), Seattle District issued a Special Public Notice related to the August 2006 Regulatory Guidance Letter (RGL) 06-03. This Special Public Notice and RGL state the minimum requirements for monitoring of compensatory wetland mitigation projects.

In general terms the purpose of the RGL is to;

  1. require monitoring of compensatory wetland mitigation projects approved by the COE;
  2. establish a minimum time period (usually no less than 5 years) for monitoring; and
  3. list the specific elements to be included in the monitoring report.

The COE has also placed a limit of 10 pages to be included in wetland mitigation monitoring reports. The intent of the page limit is to include only information pertinent to the specific conditions of the permit and to speed up agency review of monitoring reports.

The Washington Department of Ecology suggests that wetland mitigation monitoring reports follow the outline provided in the “Wetland Mitigation in Washington State (March 2006) joint guidance document. The Washington Department of Ecology guidance is consistent with the COE regulations.

Wetland mitigation monitoring is an important feature of fulfilling the requirements of any Clean Water Act Section 404 or 401 permit and is required in order to release construction and monitoring bonds. Raedeke Associates, Inc. has extensive experience in preparing wetland mitigation monitoring reports that meet the federal and state regulations and guidance.