Dale R. Herter, M.S.

Principal; Wildlife Biologist

Dale Herter has over 26 years of professional experience as a consulting wildlife biologist both in Alaska and the Pacific Northwest. He has directed research projects concerned with the biology and management of raptors, ungulates, marine mammals, and the ecology of shorebirds, waterfowl, and passerine birds. Dale is experienced in the issues and regulations concerning threatened and endangered species in forest environments, and has also dealt with wildlife habitat needs in relation to water rights and habitat management plans on Tribal lands.

Dale has extensive experience in the field and has authored or co-authored over 30 scientific publications, one book, and has prepared Habitat Conservation Plans, Landowner Option Plans, and Land Stewardship Plans. For the past 17 years, Dale has managed a demographic monitoring program for the northern spotted owl in the Western Washington Cascades, one of 12 such areas used to determine the health of the owl population.


B.S., 1978, Natural Resources/Wildlife Biology, University of Michigan
M.S., 1982, Wildlife Management, University of Alaska

Professional Certifications & Affiliations

Certified Wildlife Biologist, Pierce County, WA
Certified Marbled Murrelet surveyor
American Ornithologists’ Union
Cooper Ornithological Society