Surveys For Endangered Marbled Murrelets

Raedeke Associates, Inc. has extensive experience providing clients with services related to Marbled Murrelets.  This small alcid (a puffin relative) was recently uplisted in 2016 from threatened to endangered on the state list of species of concern. It also remains listed as a federally threatened species. Management and permitting involving these species has evolved significantly over the years and Raedeke currently has several staff members experienced with both management and inventory protocols.

Raedeke has conducted inland surveys for Marbled Murrelets following U.S. Fish and Wildlife protocols for public and private landowners since 1991. These surveys have spanned from southern Oregon to western Washington. Some of Raedeke’s major clients have been U.S. Forest Service, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Plum Creek Timber, The Campbell Group, Champion International, International Paper, Port Blakely Tree Farms, Green Diamond, Inc., City of Seattle, Weyerhaeuser Company, and Hancock Forest Management, among others. Results of Raedeke’s Murrelet survey efforts have been used for various timber sales, road construction, and other permits.

Raedeke has also prepared Habitat Conservation Plans (HCP’s), and National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Environmental Impact Statements for large, commercial parcels, which involved management plans for Marbled Murrelets as well as other endangered species. Additionally, our staff has experience surveying marine habitats for Murrelets and other seabirds and marine mammals. In total, Raedeke has conducted over 300 wildlife population and habitat evaluation studies throughout the Pacific Northwest and Canada. Our staff has regionally and nationally recognized expertise in forest birds (including Marbled Murrelets, spotted owls, and raptors), cavity-nesting birds, large mammals (including deer and elk), and colonially nesting seabirds.