Marbled Murrelet Surveys

Andrew Rossi Conducting a Marbled Murrelet Inland Survey
Image of the interior of a mature coniferous forest

Marbled Murrelet Surveys

Various Locations in Washington & Oregon
Raedeke Associates, Inc. conducts many surveys to help assess for the presence or potential presence of marbled murrelets. These surveys are completed for our private landowner, forestry, and nonprofit clients.

Habitat assessments are an essential first step to determine if marbled murrelets can use a forest. During these assessments, Raedeke staff collect data about specific characteristics of a forest, and compares their observations with accepted definitions of murrelet habitat. This can help landowners determine if inland presence/absence surveys are necessary.

During an inland marbled murrelet presence/absence survey, biologists observe murrelet habitat from a suitable location to try to hear or see murrelets using a forest. Raedeke has conducted these surveys for over a decade, and has many staff who are certified to conduct these surveys.

Throughout the process of assessing for marbled murrelets, Raedeke Associates, Inc. is able to conduct surveys, provide summary documents, and coordinate with clients regarding jurisdictional and
regulatory requirements, while assisting them through the process.
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Various Locations in Washington & Oregon
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