Courtney Straight, B.S., WPIT

Wetland & Wildlife Biologist

Courtney is a wetland scientist and wildlife biologist with experience working on wetlands, aquatic ecology, and protected species. She also has experience conducting marine mammal and marbled murrelet monitoring, mitigation vegetation monitoring, and sediment sampling. Courtney conducts wetland delineations, Ordinary High-Water Mark delineations, wildlife habitat studies, and prepares shoreline permit applications. She has worked as a scientific technician collecting data on salmon, as a naturalist, and as a field biologist for a study on river otters in the Green-Duwamish River. Prior to becoming a biologist, she worked in environmental law. In her free time, she volunteers as a community scientist and naturalist.


B.S. Environmental Science and Resource Management , University of Washington

Professional Certifications & Affiliations

Certified Marbled Murrelet Marine Monitor, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Washington State Wetland Rating System in Western Washington
Grass, Sedge, and Rush Identification for Western Washington Puget Lowland Habitats
Biological Assessment Senior Qualified Author, Washington Department of Transportation
Wetland Professional In Training, Society of Wetland Scientists Professional Certification Program, Inc.