Aquatic Resources

Raedeke Associates provides an assessment of aquatic resources as part of our overall site analysis for permitting and design. Our aquatic resource services include site reconnaissance for streams, lakes, and marine and estuarine environments, focusing on assessment of hydrology, aquatic habitat, and aquatic ESA-listed or species of concern.

We integrate our characterization of the aquatic environment into site design recommendations to minimize impacts, recommend habitat mitigation, and plan permitting strategy, all to support a well developed and successful site plan.

Our services include:

  • Ordinary high water mark delineation
  • Stream classification
  • Habitat characterization & functional assessment
  • Fish presence, identification, and life cycle habitat use
  • Fresh water & marine/estuarine habitat restoration design
  • Preparation of biological evaluations & assessments
  • Low impact development (LID) design support
  • Water quality assessment, stormwater, & NPDES guidance
  • Water quality monitoring design